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Top 5 tips for writing your CV - by Recruitment Consultants

Top 5 tips for writing your CV - by Recruitment Consultants

11 December 2018
Top 5 tips for writing your CV - by Recruitment Consultants

Are you applying for jobs but not getting a response? Well, it could be down to your CV, we spoke to the expert recruiting consultants at Harper Anderton and they gave us their top tips of what you should and shouldn’t do when writing yours.

1) No Jargon
This was a popular tip by our specialists and the reason is clear - recruiters and the internal HR team have a large number of CV’s to sieve through so ensure that your CV is concise, direct and it is easy for the hiring team to read over. You want to ensure that it is exciting enough that the reader doesn’t get bored and it targets all the key requirements which are detailed in the job advertisement. You should also try to avoid including experience which is not related to the role, yes the hiring team want to see your personality on paper but leave the personal achievements towards the end of the CV. Preferably, your CV will be no more than 2 pages with clear titled sections and compatible with any device for example, a PDF document.

2) Multiple versions 
You’ve probably heard it before, but we can’t emphasise this enough, your CV should be tailored specifically to each job that you are applying for. A generic CV can be spotted a mile off by any hiring team, so use this as an opportunity to highlight your skills and how they match the requirements. For example, the job ad could detail that the position requires a candidate who will be required to take ownership of the role, did you manage a project in your previous role which displays that? This may not have appeared in your generic version.

                                                  Go the extra mile by researching the business and incorporating it into your CV!

3) Personal Profile
So you’ve heard what the business has to offer and what they are looking for in a candidate, now it is your chance to briefly outline what you are looking for in a position. Communicating clearly from the get-go ensures that no time is wasted by either party. A personal profile is an introductory paragraph at the beginning of your CV which should give an overview of your career background and an outline of your future career aspirations. This is your first impression to what you hope to be your future employer, so put the effort in from the start, a weak opening line could discard your entire CV so take your time on perfecting it. Take a look at CV Libraries 5 winning personal profiles for extra tips.

4) Accurate Dates

You aren’t the first person to exaggerate the period of time you were in a role for and definitely won’t be the last, but don’t be tempted to add on a couple of extra months to roles you had 5 or so years ago. When you get to the interview and the hiring team begin to put the pressure on and quiz you on your work history, you don’t want to easily trip up and seem dishonest.

5) Key Achievements
Finally, following this tip will set you apart from the competition and adds important experience to your CV which can easily get left out. Highlighting your key achievements goes a level deeper than listing your responsibilities, it outlines where you excelled in the role and gives you an opportunity to detail specific projects, improvements you made to the business and examples of your skillset in action. Ideally, you should list your key achievements for each role, however, you can place a section at the top beneath your personal profile if you have a small amount. Take a look at jobsitesfor more tips on writing your key achievements.

If you want more tips or would like to chat to one of our experts on tips for writing your CV then get in touch on 0208 004 8411 or sign up to our mailing list here.


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